You know what’d be a fun sketch challenge/meme?

Picking an OTP

And draw their journey to their first child.

Like for a natural birth go:  Finding out their pregnant and maybe even conception before that if you wanna draw smut, First stages of pregnancy, Middle stages, Final stages, brth/meeting the child together for the first time?

Or do the same but through the stages of adoption or surrogate mothers as well. Like making the decision, going through all the legal actions, preparing themselves and the house for the new baby/child, them meeting the child/baby for the first time?

It’s be a nice way to develop a relationship between two characters or even just develop one character. There’s so many different situations you can illustrate; Was it an accidental pregnancy, was the child wanted, were the people married, dating, strangers? Are the social issues to get around with the child’s birth or adoption, what kinda turmoil do they go through, does it strengthen them or does the child push them apart? Is one of the partners abandoned and left to take care of this child, will they love it more or be bitter towards it?

I might have to do some of these.

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