Aaaaaahhhh, so jealous!!! I haven’t played a good game of DnD in ages. On the bright side me and a friend are working on a homebrew.

Oh badass!

Yeah, we’ve been playing Pathfinder since none of us really liked 4e but now we’re gunna give 5e a chance this weekend

So far I like a fair amount of the stuff we’ve read over

Putting myself out of my comfort zone—I usually always play elves that punch or stab things. Now I’m a human caster lol

What’s up 5e? Let’s do this! First time I’ve played a human since….high school. I’m scared. How to I draw non pointed ears on fantasy character?


god fucking damnit vegeta




Got a new shirt today! #minecraft Hehehehe

That’s awesome.

hell yeah! you can’t tell from this picture but there’s a bunch of endermen standing in the distance, it’s super cool looking.

also i forgot to mention, guys, i got made fun of for buying the shirt! :D
First asked if I play the game, and I said yeah. Then when I didn’t know about something they mentioned from the game I got laughed at. It was great. I love being tested on things I enjoy. :DDDD

Eat the hearts of those who defy you. Make them pay for their weakness


nicki minaj and beyonce as jaeger pilots. they pilot flawless remix




Another Anime Convention Photos in no order.


Taken by me.

Hello! I am the Elsa and epikasia is the Anna! :)

omg you look great! It turned out perfect!

Ahhh thank you! Lots I want to change but with my time constraints I’m pretty happy with how I looked *_*

Oh man! You both look so cute!

Couldn’t find any of our Halloween decorations so made us a lil ghost to be sad we’re too busy for Halloween fun times


Another morning #doodle #Jasmin #aladdin #disney #girlsinanimation #fanart #sketch #princess


The King of Fighters XIII: K’ team

"I want to re-read one of my old stories."

—Skips right to a chapter to where a character dies

"I keep doing this."